Olive bounty

October 28, 2016

October and November are a great time in Marina. It is still relatively sunny and calm, things are getting quiet, and the citrus and olives really start coming into their own. We have just had a very successful (even though a bit early) olive harvest. The olive trees in our garden yielded 80 kg of olives! As usual, we pressed them in the village press and produced just about 9 liters of oil.

In addition to olives, the mandarins are also starting to ripen. We will keep having juicy mandarins, as well as other citrus, pretty much through the fall and winter because our trees are staggered in their blooming/fruiting times. But as you can see, we already have quite a bounty! So if you’re even thinking of a fall getaway and you love delicious, freshly picked fruit, you should consider coming to Marina.  We’ll be happy to have you!

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