Garden upgrades and winter harvest

December 19, 2013

Ivan has been busy this fall. He has been putting in place the family’s newest improvement idea: trestle for the back patio. The wooden structure is now in place and all we have to do is wait for the vines to start growing.  The new structure should start providing shade to the back patio immediately, but will really come to its fullest in a couple of years, when the vines have a chance to branch out and cover the structure a bit. We are looking forward it!

The finishing up of the trestle was also a good time to pick the remaining citrus.  After approximately 50 kg of mandarins we already picked earlier in the fall, this year we also had about 8 kg of lemons, 10 kg of oranges, and 16 kg of grapefruit. Fall sure is delicious in Marina!

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